The following Holistic Healthy life style Education and Detox Preparation set up will be provided by Dr. Roni DeLuz in Clients Private Home and or office for three days per month.

The program will begin at approximately 9:00 am and end at approximately 5:00 pm daily. Dr Roni will arrive the evening before the start date for preparation for the next morning. Dr. Roni will leave on the Fourth Morning.

The following will be provided and/or supervised by Dr. Roni: supplements, juicing, immune soup preparation, consultations, and education,

A comprehensive health assessment will be done at the beginning of day one and a maintenance treatment plan will be devised on the day of departure.

  • You will understand why Americans are overweight tired and lack vitality and decrease immune function.
  • You will learn how to do detox treatments at home
  • You will learn how to juice and make soups for health and detoxification.
  • You will learn all about which vegetables to buy and which to stay away from
  • You will learn how enzymes make you look younger, more energetic and maintain longevity.
  • You will learn how to use vegetables to heal the body and increase health immunity.
  • You will learn why food combining keeps you cleaner and thinner
  • You will learn about the miracle of juicing and why it keeps Cancer and illness away
  • You will learn how to avoid rapid weight gain at holidays and special events
  • You will learn why diets are not healthy and why they don’t work
  • You will learn how to improve digestion and have better colon health
  • You will learn how to make healthy teas for colon, liver and kidney health.
  • You will learn how and why stress kills and how to control it without prescription medications.
  • You learn how to keep your chronic illness under control while living a healthy lifestyle.

Green Mix, Digestive Enzymes, Antioxidant Juice, Anti-inflammatory Juice, Minerals   Oxygen (Ox powder) Aloe Vera Gel, Calm, B injections, (b12), (B complex) Vitamin C   Colon Cleansing Herbs, Brain nutrients and natural sleep aids.

IV injections may include Glutathione injections, Vitamin and minerals IV, Kidney, Liver, other herbs and Detox Teas any other supplements deemed appropriate for the clients program.

All specialize foods are to be ordered by Dr. Roni and payment arrangements are to be made by the client. These foods may be changed based on the results of the health assessment.

Organic vegetables, Organic meat, Immune soup ingredients, liquid amino acids, fresh herbs, Protein powders, Flax seed oil, Cottage cheese, seaweed and any special food that may need to be shipped in.

The following therapeutic treatments may be provided as necessary at the Client’s facility, by Dr. Roni and/or her support person.

Probiotics Implant, Coffee Enemas, Vitamin Drip, Oxygen Treatments and infrared body Detox. Organ cleanses. MRS2000 Meridian Therapy.