Severe pain, headache, abdominal discomfort, mood changes, weakness, anxiety, weight gain and exhaustion. These are the symptoms Ms. Rosa* entered my office with. She had grown uncomfortable, both personally and professionally. She abandoned her job to begin her search for treatment options. She didn’t know it yet, but she suffered from a common condition: Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia spreads throughout the body and can affect a number of places. You can have only some of these symptoms and still have fibromyalgia.
Fibromyalgia spreads throughout the body and can affect a number of places. You can have only some of these symptoms and still have fibromyalgia.

Her search, similar to others, led to specialists of all kinds, including name brand and remote ones. She could find little more than temporary reprieve. Finally, a friend of hers brought her to Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat. It was like looking into a mirror, I immediately saw myself in this woman. She was the real reason the Vineyard was founded.

My teams and I quickly diagnosed the roots beyond her symptoms and discomfort, linking it to her environment and work. She was suffering from fibromyalgia, a condition that frequently targeted people as they grew older. Not only did she work around equipment like a computer, copier and electronic safety cameras, but she was frequently exposed to ethanol, asbestos, mercury, carbon monoxide, insecticides and other omnipresent chemicals. These are able to put the stress necessary to induce Fibromyalgia in a person.

When we are exposed to those contaminants, toxins attack the body as inhalants, ingestants, and contactants. The demands of our lifestyle, on top of that, we quickly digest our food. Ms. Rosa* was affected by so many substances, through nicotine and high fructose syrups, and her body stored it as toxins. Obesogens, one type of toxin, are known to be partly responsible for obesity. They increase the number of fat cells are stored in our bodies.

Ms. Rosa* conformed to Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat protocols, and went along with the detoxification treatments. The Fibromyalgia symptoms regressed over the weeks she stayed, and there was a visible increase in her energy. Gone were the baggy eyes, her skin great smoother and by the second week, her pain was gone. In excitement, she walked up the stairs. She loved it, “You get to enjoy an unlimited variety of veggie broth, veggie juices and protein drinks you get to make yourself!”

She was given customized supplements, and snacks every couple of hours. She loved the concept of it, where you consume so much nourishment in small doses over the day. “It’s very secure for people, no matter what the physical statues are.” She’s very happy and healthy now, having lost her weight and enjoying her life helping others. She visits every year, since her first visit 5 years ago. We were able to cure her Fibromyalgia, and prevent it from returning, without resorting to unnatural means, such as surgery or medications.

Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat: Small Miracles, Hope

Looking after an illness is to offer love, sharing heart and soul with someone. Holistic medicine today is mind, body and spirit. At Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat, we educate and perform Detoxification with the scientific theories to clean organs loaded with toxins. We offer everyone liver and colon purification, adrenal and hormone balance, supplement for repletion of intestinal flora, enzymes minerals and vitamins.

Our program consists of meditation, yoga, exercise, emotional detoxification and spiritual organization. The backbone of our program is to educate, guide and give. We know that the body naturally cures itself in the right circumstances, and here we teach you how to develop those circumstances.

We received similar training in biology, physiology, chemistry, anatomy and pharmaceuticals. We are trained to treat people with foods, herbs, nutritional supplements, iridology, colonics, enemas, various mind/body/spirits approaches, Chinese medicine, stress reduction, Ayurvedic medicine and relaxation techniques to assist the body in curing itself.

*Name changed for anonymity