Your kidneys provide a service that is irreplaceable. Their prime function is to sort waste and excess fluids through the blood stream to remove it. There are a number of diseases that can destroy your kidneys and their ability to function, however there are 3 main causes in the United States for kidney failure.

  • Diabetes
    Kidneys occasionally need to be cleansed so they can function optimally.

    Kidneys occasionally need to be cleansed so they can function optimally.

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Glomerulonephritis

Other common kidney problems include kidney stones, infections and inherited kidney diseases. A lot of the time, these damages are brought on by pain killers or drugs.

Preventing Renal Failure

Kidney failure is commonly brought on by treatable and preventable conditions. However, in the event that you were unable to prevent chronic or acute kidney troubles, there is a way to treat your condition naturally, rather than with damage-inducing medications or prescriptions. My  delivers all the necessary vitamins and nutrients to your body in order for it to completely detox and repair your kidneys!

Kidney Repair Kit

  • Promotes healthy kidney detox
  • Protects against dangerous free radical damage
  • Provides B vitamins
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Antioxidant protection to maintain kidney health
  • Reduces the risk of kidney stones
  • Prevents fatigue and kidney disease/damage
  • Reduces inflammation and deterioration of kidney function
  • Prevents renal failure

Patient Testimonials on the Kidney Repair kit

I was suffering harshly from a regular onslaught of kidney stones. I had to pass several of them in one go on numerous occasions. I needed to do something to prevent the same pain from occurring. This kit detoxed my kidneys completely. While I had to cut down on my soda and sugar intake, I was able to jumpstart the process of getting better. Thank you so much, Dr. Roni.

I read through the ingredients before I ordered this kit. It seemed too good to be true. I have struggled with chronic kidney stones in the past, and felt I was approaching the brink of kidney failure. Since taking your vitamins, I have felt an immense improvement in my body!

I started taking these when I got my first kidney stone. I haven’t had a single one since!

I am so grateful to Dr. Roni for her kidney repair kit. I keep an extra one on hand just in case I desperately need them. They make me feel so much better, and I haven’t had a single relapse in kidney troubles.

A number of diseases can destroy your kidneys and their ability to function leading to kidney failure. We have come up with a 3-step plan, which will help improve the health of your kidney and cure your kidney failure naturally, through the adjustment of your feeding pattern, supplements and exercises.


DIET DETOX, PEVY DETOX and PEVY DIET are designed to repair the body at the cellular level through medical nutrition. The benefits are to lose weight, to control sugar, aid metabolism, increase energy, enhance a healthy immune system, decrease inflammation, performance enhancement, muscle building and strength. PEVY Detox also helps improve kidney health. It was created for all these reasons and much more. It provides maximum nutrition in small dosages every 2 hours all day long. PEVY is PROTEIN, ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS, VEGETABLES, and YOUR CUSTOM SUPPLEMENTS.





This step is critical in your program, although it is just as challenging. This is the step where we coordinate your care with all your practitioners, doctors and therapists. We take into consideration all your medications, supplements, and your physical and psycho-emotional assessment. As a team, we must understand the paradigm shift in how we treat you in our new understanding of kidney failure. Our scientists and doctors are studying and finding more and more biomarkers and learning about our DNA and genetic composition, all with the aim of effectively treating kidney failure. They now know that some people are more susceptible than others are to kidney failure and the body is capable of making instantaneous repairs to itself. We also know that the cellular level is where this disease starts and lies and now, cellular health protocols are emerging day by day. It is a new understanding that kidney failure develops differently in different people and this opens up for a long series of possible ways of treating and preventing it today. As a team, we will individualize your supplements, foods, medications and treatments. This process is called personalized medicine. We help you plan your food, treatments and supplementation in such a way that it suits your complains and resolves your symptoms.

We take care of your body, mind and spirit and take other factors like history, family dynamics, age, gender and others into consideration. These factors can influence how your body heals and responds to our treatment.


We will increase your cellular health using a medical device that can address several challenges of a sick body. It is clearly a device for conservative treatments and to be used together with the other components of Traditional healing, Allopathic medicine, Naturopathic medicine, Herbal remedies or any other type of healing programs.

Micro-Circulation, a Bio-Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation therapy is an easy device that has been reported to be beneficial in patients with kidney failure. Also beneficial in obesity and addictions, post-surgeries and brain dysfunctions. It is a device you lay on for about 8 to 20 minutes a day. A video chat will be scheduled with Dr Roni on directions of usage.

Apart from the treatment of kidney failure, Micro-Circulation also helps with the following:

  • Multiple sclerosis (MS) with significant fatigue.
  • Treatment of constant pain
  • Depression, confusion, ADD, focus, memory
  • Wound and skin tissues healing
  • Treatment of degenerative disorder of different joints like spine, knee, shoulder
  • Treatment of rheumatism
  • Treatment of migraines, diabetes, tetanus migraine headaches
  • Quick restoration after exercise and healing of sports injuries
  • HIV, Lupus, Autoimmune conditions and many chronic illnesses.
  • It was proven to help obesity and metabolism
  • Celebrities are using it as part of their anti-aging program

Microcirculation is functionally the most important part of the human circulation system, which takes place in the smallest blood vessels and fulfills vital transport functions: it provides the tissues and organs with oxygen and nutrients and removes metabolic waste products and supports the immune system. A limited or malfunctioning microcirculation is the cause of many conditions of poor health and truly complicates kidney failure.

Complex changes in the functional status of the microcirculation to a biologically relevant extent (increased venule flow out of the micro vascular networks, extended distribution of the plasma/blood cell mix in the capillary networks, and increased spontaneous arteriolar flow). This equates to a greater local range of control of the microcirculation resulting in increased venule-side oxygen saturation.

The body requires an adequate amount of oxygen supply and nutrients to work properly; and the oxygen is supplied by the blood. Even the capillaries (smallest blood vessels) must be unlocked for blood circulation to reach the cells in all tissues.

The micro-circulation must transfer the blood to the entire body, the chief organs, including the brain, liver, heart, skin for a proper metabolism. Moreover, the immune system must be able to release the T-cells to counterbalance invaders, bacteria and viruses as well as to remove debris and toxins from the body. These all in turn requires for the perfect functioning of all cells. A proper functioning of cell’s is also depending on its energy production in the form of ATP (Adenosine-Tri-Phosphate- the cells chemical energy substance), and again the production of ATP depends on a sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients. No matter what the specific chronic illnesses you are suffering from, the key health parameters must exist for improving health.

Prescription drugs and medications tend to come with a long list of side effects, causing more damage in most cases. However, there is a way to treat your kidney failure naturally, without any side effects and complications using microcirculation.

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