Lymphatic Detox

Lymph System And Detoxification


The whole world is moving and growing faster. Technology has developed tons of complex machines which are giving innumerable comfort to human beings. But still no one is succeeding to make a machine like a human body. It is a more complex machine till this date. It has many systems which work simultaneously at a time.ultraviolet-light
The lymph system is one of them.

There are countless tubes and pipes exist in the human body and a network of these tubes filled with fluid which is known as lymphatic fluid. This fluid helps to clean out our body’s cells and carry away toxins from the body. Lymph system contains lymph node which works as a filter in the body. Lymph nodes trapped and neutralized the toxic substance came from lymphatic fluid. Research has shown that our body contains three times more lymphatic fluid than blood. Three times!! Isn’t it strange?

As a Detox Expert, Dr. Roni has researched the role of the lymphatic system in our body, and ways to optimize it. A healthy lymphatic system is very crucial to develop a strong immune system. It helps to remove the foreign substance and dead cells which harm the body.
Lymph System And Detoxification

Generally people are not that much aware of the particular role of the lymphatic system in the body. Below are some of the ingredients which promote the function of a healthy lymphatic system.

Bay Laurel

It works as a great booster to immunity as well as the lymphatic system. Apart from strengthening the immune & lymphatic system, it supports easy digestion too. Bay Laurel can be used in different ways for example- It can be added in shower gel, body wash, and shampoo or in body oil. You can do massage of it by adding it in the massage oil. You can also apply directly on the swelled lymph nodes.


It works as lymphatic stimulator. It gives strong fight against infections. Just one or two drops of it are enough to give good results. Apply on the soles of each foot and see the magic!


A powerful immune-stimulant and lymphatic tonic. You can add 1-2 drops of it to the personal care products like body wash, shampoo or facial cleanser or you can also add in massage oil.


It works as an excellent diuretic. It also balances the activity of the lymphatic system. You can mix a few drops of it with drinking water or tea. If you add orange to the personal care products then you will feel very pleasant and relaxing. You can add 10 -15 drops of orange to the Dead Sea salt for getting more relaxed and tonifying bath. CAUTION: If you are photo-sensitive, then do not apply Orange or Lemongrass to areas of skin that will directly expose to the sun within 48 hours.

Deodorants & the Lymph Nodes

One of the largest lymph node is situated under the arms in the human body. So, we have to be very careful while applying commercial deodorants under the arms. Sometimes what happens, the toxic chemicals resides in the deodorants harm the lymph nodes. That doesn’t mean that I am advising you to avoid using deodorant. Following are some of the more admired deodorant recipes which are very safe to use as they are free of lymphatic toxins. As we all know that, each and every person’s body chemistry is different, so that you can personalize the recipe as per your convenience and adjust the ratio of the oils.

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