Pain and Inflammation

Our body’s response to being harmed or infected is physical pain. Typically, an infection causes the body to swell, or inflame, itself with protective tissue in order to heal itself. During these reactions, symptoms arise. These symptoms frequently include:

  • Redness
    Pain and inflammation are common Arthritic symptoms.
    Pain and inflammation are common Arthritic symptoms.
  • Pain
  • Heat or fever
  • Function loss

What it can mean

These symptoms can point to a variety of problems, including arthritis. In a doctor’s office, they would prescribe anti-inflammatories and analgesic drugs to ease the symptoms. However, that is all they do: ease the symptoms. They do not correct the true problem, unlike my holistic pain and inflammation kit! My pain and inflammation detox kit provides a number of benefits, including the ability to help your body heal itself naturally.

  • Promotes healthy connective tissues
  • Supports your body as it regrows the cells and tissues it needs
  • Power anti-inflammatory aid
  • Prevents joint problems in the future
  • Prevents pain
  • Relief for minor pains
  • Targets enzymes that cause the inflammation

What People have said in the Past

I’ve suffered from Osteoporosis for years. I’m 48 years old, and have trouble moving in the mornings. I can’t express how grateful I am to Dr. Roni and her kits. It has kept my joints from swelling up painfully, and even helped my tendons start to rebuild. My doctor says I haven’t looked this great in years.

I’ve tried everything I could. I ate foods that were anti-inflammatory, taken the medications and even tried water exercise. But none of it worked longer than a few minutes. Thanks to Dr. Roni’s kit, I’ve been able to be more active, had less pains and even feel greater about my situation in life.
-Tyler S.

I have always preferred all natural remedies. I spend a lot of time playing sports with my nephews, but I’ve been getting older. I can’t keep up with them as well, and frequently find myself in a lot of pain from the high activities. Before playtime, I take Dr. Roni’s supplements, and now, I rarely get inflamed joints!