As A Naturopathic doctor and Registered Nurse I have been trained over 25 years as a educator and a consultant. I will consult with you by phone or Skype when a personal office visit is not possible due to distance and other circumstances. My office will schedule your phone consult or Skype consult with me personally to address your specific natural health questions and concerns. drroni

My goal is to inform and professionally guide you in your decision making process on healthy living and detoxification. I will do an assessment that will take 30 minutes and then I can spend 30 minutes on answering your questions about natural medicines and remedies as they may apply to your health care needs. My recommendations are to serve only as adjunctive therapies to your already prescribed medical treatments.

If you wish to discuss lab test results, diagnostic evaluations and biopsy reports fax or email to my office prior to your consult assuring more informed guidance and recommendations by our Medical Physician. A list of your present medications and supplements is also suggested so as to alert us of any potential adverse interactions or contraindications.

If you are a potential candidate for the Dr. Roni Holistic Health Care at Home we will make sure your medical records are kept and privately stored until my arrival. In addition I will need a more comprehensive assessment and evaluation on arrival.

 Fee – $195 per hour Consultation

Consult with Dr. Roni Deluz