DKN XG 10 Pro

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DKN Xg10 Pro Vibration Trainer

It has revolutionized the Whole Body Vibration Industry

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The DKN Xg10 Pro is an amazing 12G strength vertical vibration machine. This vibration platform leads the industry and is the MOST ADVANCED with a 3D virtual coach and 12 preset programs.

Not to mention the award winning sleek design and easy to follow 3D virtual coach.


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Don’t have time for your workouts? Get the benefit of a 1 hour workout in just 10 minutes!

This machine helps accelerate weight loss and achieve a more toned body. The appearance of cellulite is controlled, which leaves you with smoother and tighter skin. Other benefits include improved balance, strength, flexibility and endurance, increased energy levels, better mental focus, and improved sleeping habits. Additionally, blood circulation is improved, bone growth is stimulated, metabolism is enhanced, and the recovery of injured muscles is sped up.

The DKN Xg10 Pro – Vibration Trainer was specifically developed considering the professionals: this model makes Intensive Vibration Training exercise accessible and affordable for professional or home use. Making it super easy for you to workout!

The unique, sleek design, and the compact size of this machine, occupies less floorspace, and fits into any fitness studio or wellness centre. The DKN Xg10 Pro Vibration Trainer has a well balanced platform or also known as vibro plate, a low entry step, and a great power range, reaching an incredible 12G. The DKN Xg 10 Pro comes with 2 upper-body straps, a thick high density mat, an interactive training DVD, a personal training guide and a vibration exercise poster.

Some Benefits of Whole Body Vibration (Click here for full Benefit List)

  • Strengthen and Tone Muscles
  • Increase Bone Density
  • Increase “FEEL GOOD” Hormone
  • Increase Endorphin
  • Increase Serotonin
  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Increase Range of Motion
  • Increase Balance Mechanism (Proprioceptive System)
  • Reduce Lower Back Pain
  • Reduce Stress & Effects of Stress

The greater frequency range, in between 20 to 50 Hz, with interval steps of 5 Hz, the touch screen, back-lighted panel, with DKN’s integrated virtual coach, visualizing graphic exercise positions, and with 12 integrated programs: the DKN Xg10 Pro Vibration Exercise Machine matches intensive exercising. This model has revolutionized the whole body Vibration industry with it’s beautiful 3D screen!

The construction is 100% high grade steel, reinforced with carbon fibre, to control the high performance acceleration. This machine is made for intensive home use as well as professional use.

If you’re looking for a high quality machine that needs to be used all day everyday the DKN Xg10 Pro is the right vibration trainer for you.

To Order call Toll Free at 1-866-745-5743 or order online today and receive Free Shipping (Canada & USA)


DKN Xg 10 Digital Top DKN Xg 10 Steel Frame

XG-10 Pro-Platform


DKN Xg 10 Large Plate


DKN XG 10 Pro 3D Touch Screen


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